Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

EAP Consulting For Business

In today's fast paced business world, every company is looking to keep their competitive edge. It matters not if you have employed the best team, if they're not motivated, they're not producing. Even worse, stress in the workplace has an accumulative effect causing missed days, a toxic environment and violence. One recent study has shown that on average 20 workplace murders happen each week here in the US.

Onsite Business Life Coaching is for the team that has lost their inspiration. As your Business Life Coach, I will meet with the key team members to help them regain that inspiration. By focusing on both personal and professional needs and goals, my clients see a dramatic improvement. These improvements are often seen in just 30 minutes per employee, per week.

While the bigger companies may employ their own EAP's, smaller companies often do not. And, in some cases smaller companies suffer a larger threat of workplace stress, violence and illness because the demand is often greater for employees who are forced to wear multiple hats.

I offer onsite services for your team. By doing so, no time is lost due to travel. In addition to my coaching services, I can offer onsite medical services through one of my Board Certified doctors I work alongside of. And, if anyone of your team is in need of in-patient addiction treatment, I have a MOU in place with a high end local treatment center {located just outside of Annapolis Maryland}. I can place your employee within 24-48 hours pending insurance. 

Please contact me today to see how I can help your team get back on track. The investment will more than pay for itself with increased work production and energy, less sick days and employee buy-in to the company mission.

Serving companies in select parts of Maryland and Delaware.