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Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

Weigh Loss 

So many of my clients have tried to lose weight and have failed. I offer a fresh perspective on why that might be. Its not so much what you eat- but what you think. Keep reading! 

Reduce your stress and lose weight. Most people are unaware that stress causes weight gain. This happens for a number of reasons. While its true when stressed we often reach for high caloric foods {sweets and carbohydrates}, we don't realize that our bodies release the hormone Cortisol. And when we stay stressed and the stress response never really turns off, we enter the stress cycle.

The cycle-

Cortisol is released during stressful times. Cortisol increases blood sugar. Increased blood sugar increases insulin. Spike in insulin leads to blood sugar crash. Blood sugar crash we reach for sweets and carbohydrates. 

It is through learning to control your stress we break the cycle. By doing so we return our body to its natural state. When this happens we lose weight.

Through Life Coaching we'll identify your stressor and teach you how to manage them. Coaching may be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy, Stress Management Techniques, Neuro- Linguistic Programming {NLP} and you will be given weekly weight loss tips. 

This program is about stress and how it leads to weight gain. This is not a rapid response to weight loss, and this is NOT a diet. This approach is for those who have tried diet and exercise and still have not lost weight. While we'll address both, the focus of this program is on behaviors.

When you've tried everything else, maybe its to look at what's in your mind and not in your stomach?

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