Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

The "Why"

There are many talented Life Coaches that are available. Its not what I do, its how I do it that makes the difference. With passion and conviction. I match my clients determination to improve their overall circumstances. By focusing on the "Why" and not the "How", my clients get results.

When approached by a client wanting to know how their life will improve, I instead ask them to focus on why it will improve. The simple answer? Because they want to feel joy and happiness. They want to be in control again.

In addition to the "Why", my clients work with me for 7 main reason. 

1. I am extremely good at what I do and bring over 30 years experience to each client.

2. I truly am available to my clients most anytime. And, if you're going through a life changing event, I will make myself available 24/7 should a greater level of support be needed.

3. Full transparency. You will know the price of the service prior to starting.

4. Concierge service. For my "in-person" clients, I will come to your home, office or any place that you feel the most comfortable {within 50 miles.} And for "in-person and phone" clients, free follow up emails in between appointments. 

5. Nothing to sign to get started and NO contracts. You decide how long you would like to work with me. {Most coaches will ask for a 3-6 month minimum commitment.} 

6. Price. Life can be hard enough. I don't believe adding financial stress when you're trying to make positive changes in life. More to the point. If you can find another Life Coach who offers all that I do, with the years of experience that I have for a cheaper price, hire them without delay. 

7. Complete anonymity. Since this is coaching and not counseling, there will never be a diagnosis code to follow you. This is a great benefit for those who may need to keep a security clearance or other personal reasons. 

When you partner with me, you'll take back your life. That is why you are here.  And you deserve it!