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Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

Syllabus For HIV/AIDS Workshop & Lecture 



CDC estimates there are over 1 million people in the United States are living with HIV.  Nearly one in six of those are not aware that they are infected. Despite massive improvements in HIV/AIDS Treatment, we continue to see infection rates remain steady. In addition, both Baltimore and DC continue to be two of the hardest hit cities for Rate of New Infection.


Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis has put together an informative workshop to address all aspects of the virus. This workshop is educational, timely and eye opening. Age appropriate, this workshop has something to offer for everyone.


Course Objectives


The objective of this workshop is to educate and empower the participants to make healthier choices through understanding the disease, risk factors and treatment options. In by doing so, the hope is to cut down on the number of new transmissions while directing the participants who maybe HIV positive to the appropriate treatment centers.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:


1. Identify symptoms of HIV/AIDS

2. Know how to protect themselves from contracting the virus

3. Know what to do next if they are HIV positive


HIV/AIDS Overview


Where Did It Come From?

What Is The Difference between HIV and AIDS?


How Is HIV/AIDS Spread?

HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy

Where To Get Help?

Testing Options

Life With HIV/Life Expectancy 

What Are The Treatment Options For HIV Positive People?

Understanding Medication Compliance

Medication/Drug Toxicity

Cross Contamination

Clean Needle Works


Blood Banking

HIV/AIDS In The Addiction Community

HIV/AIDS and How It Affects The Immune System

Self Care {Building Your Immune System}

Post Exposure Prophylaxis {PEP}

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis {PREP}

Responsible Sex While Infected

Methods Of Protection


Hep-C and HIV/AIDS

Domestic Violence


In each session there will be sufficient time for participant interaction and support. Other subjects that maybe covered if time permits are, co-occurring disorders, Cancer and Depression.




This workshop can be done in one {1} or two {2} days/nights if desired, and can be broken into small groups for additional information or privacy. {Instructor is available for one on one educational sessions.} There are no prerequisites for this course.