Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

Maryland Life Coaching And Hypnosis

E- Coaching 

E- Coaching is a great tool for those who are not in need of full-time coaching. Many of my clients will use this option if they need some accountability in a certain area of their life or a project. Other use it as a sounding board. In either case, it is a great introduction to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

The benefits to E-Coaching are many-

1. Very inexpensive 

2. No time constraints 

3. Complete anonymity 

4. Written record of progress

Once you sign up for E-Coaching you can start immediately. You can expect a return email to your question within a 24 hour window. In most cases within a few hours. If you need more immediate help, in person or phone coaching would be a better option for you. 

Please visit the FAQ page for pricing. Get started today!