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Never Quit!

Posted on June 12, 2017 at 4:05 PM

Whoever said only the strong survive, never met a person with a never quit attitude. I have met many people over the course of the years that appeared to be strong. But being strong does not guarantee survival. Nor does it mean they will end up on top.

There are many people who are well educated, come from a place of privilege or have unlimited resources. And while these all contribute to success, they are not the end all be all to be successful. The truly successful all have one attribute in common. The never quit attitude.

History proves that time and time again that the never quit attitude will eventually overcome. Determination, self belief and hard work trump strength every time, given enough time. When we allow our environment to control us, we are at the mercy of our environment. Instead learn to cultivate your never quit attitude and watch how you will control your environment.

I’ve had the privilege in my professional life to be apart of teams of these very people. Just as in my private practice, the clients who display the never quit attitude no matter how great the opposition or obstacle, finds a way to win. Be it out work, out smart or out last. The never quit attitude proves true.

Never quit. Make it your mantra. I promise it will serve you well.

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